Default Collection Publishers

Accounts on Harvest Media can be in one for to right holder data formats:

  • Collection Model (latest format)
  • Standard Model (legacy format)

If your account is using the Collection Model, there is an addition step required on Labels so that you may backfill Collection data on accounts on the Standard Model. That is, add collection shares where they do not exist by adding your Sub-Publisher details.

You can do this by navigating to Music > Right Holders and setting up a sub-publisher (if one does not already exisit):



After you have setup a collection publisher, navigate to Music > All Music and editing the relevant label. In this edit label screen you will see the Default Collection Publishers section:


Click that toggle button. It will bring up this pop-up modal:


Here you add your publisher that you created before. Select your created sub-publisher in the NAME field and specify a territory in the TERRITORY dropdown:


After confirming with the Commit button, you should be able to switch the label to active.


If the label you are attempting to make active needs additional shares allocated, you will see this screen instead:


In addition to adding your created publisher, you will need to assign default share splits to finalize the process. These split shares can vary, but standard splits can be assigned as per the below:



When switching a label to active or making other edits, you may see this message popup. The above steps will resolve this error.



Please reach out to if you require any further assistance with this process.

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