Stem Import


Uploading stems to an album can be done via edit track or in bulk & single track uploader in the Import menu. 








Bulk Upload

Before you start, go to Music > All Music and navigate to edit the track. Copy the Track Identity to be used to name you zip file in the next step. Alternately, you can get the Track Identity from a album or label data download.



  • Navigate to Import > Stem Import
  • In the Bulk Stem Upload tab, click upload to select one or more .zip files
  • Ensure the filename is the [trackcode].zip e.g.
  • Select to upload and click 'Close' when finished
  • If the file is valid for upload, the help text will display 'uploaded'
  • Select the files and click the import button to being the process, click the refresh button to check progress
  • When the file disappears from the 'In-Progress' tab the import is complete
  • Click the 'Complete' tab to view all imported files



Failed uploads:

  • If an uploaded file fails validation, the help text will show as 'Error'
  • Click the down arrow on the file to view error messages
  • Select the file and click the delete button to remove from the workspace
  • Resolve errors in the file before retrying the upload



Single Track Upload

  • Navigate to Import > Stem Import > Single Track Upload tab
  • Search the CD Code and Track number (optional) e.g. ADKT014, 001
  • In the results, click edit on the track you wish to upload stems to upload to


  • Click 'add' to upload and click 'Close' when finished
    If the file is uploaded successfully, you will see this appear listed on the page
  • For any file uploads that fail, an error will appear
  • Click the back arrow to return to results and view total stems uploaded to each track
  • To delete a stem, click the trash icon and confirm 




  • only stem specific metadata is the version
  • all other audio headers/cuesheet data is from associated track
  • WAV only
  • No stems upload in ingestion/advanced import.
  • Max number of stems is based on total filesize. No more that 1GB allowed.
  • Stems filenames can be uploaded with spaces in filename. There is no impact to upload or download.
  • Stems count towards track allowance and will be reflected in reports in the future.
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