Management User Access Settings


The User Access Control settings allows you to configure the access for your admin users.

You can allow and prevent specific users from accessing certain areas of your Harvest Admin Account.


The User Access control options can be found within the left navigation bar: 

1. Account Settings

2. Manage Users 

3. Edit (Select the user you wish to configure access) 

4. User Access 


The User Access Setting provides the ability for users to Export and receive download notifications of the export via email. 


Below is a list of various reports this settings can effect.

  • Member Export
  • Member Usage
  • Member Inactivity
  • Consolidated Member 


NOTE: To receive exported member reports to your admin user email, please see this guide to update your user profile. 


Users that has "Account Settings Full" or is the system user will be able to update the user's settings to turn it on/off




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