Quick Keywords - tagging tool

This is a simple guide on how to add Quick keywords to a specific track.


You will find this tab under advanced meta data in account settings on the HM Admin website.

1. This is a parent folder, which can store sub folders.

2. Sub folders can store tags, which are used to tag a specific track.

3. Tagging a track does not relate that tag back to its parent folder, It has no relation to the track.

4. Click "Add" to add a folder, sub folder or tag to this quick keyword page.

5. You can edit the name of these folders and tags, as well as drag them to different positions from holding down the lines on the left side of the folder name.

There is a limit of 3 levels for these folders: parent folder, sub folder and tag.



When you click "Add", you will see this pop-up that prompts for a keyword parent and a keyword.

1. Here you can add a new parent folder, or choose a parent folder to create a sub folder in.

2. Here you can name the sub folder.



Adding a new parent folder allows you to change its colour.

1. Click the text box to change colour of the new parent folder.



In the "manage tracks" tab under a specific album of a chosen publisher, you have the option to turn on Quick Keywords.

1. On the top right of the screen, there should be a sliding button that you can click to turn on Quick Keywording for this track.



Once quick keywording has been turned on, you will see a new section for selecting unique tags for the track.

1. Selecting a parent folder will bring up the sub folders, with each individual tag being shown once you click on that specified sub folder.



1. Clicking on a unique tag will add that tag to the track's keywords. You cannot add multiple of the same tag to a track's keywords.

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