Featured Suggestion - search matrix (Pro3)

Featured Suggestions allows users with Pro3 to add a search matrix to make searching tracks easier.


  1. Must have a Amplify or Pro3 player
  2. Apps > Settings: Show featured suggestions must be set to =1
  3. Any of the following must be available and active on the account:
    Labels, Categories, Styles, Playlists, Versions

To get started on Featured Suggested:

  1. Go to Featured
  2. In the suggestions tab, add a list by giving it a name
  3. Select a list type from Albums, Playlists, Categories, Styles, Labels, Versions
  4. Select list items from any of the type selected
    Note: you can mix various content types
  5. Save
  6. Order your lists when complete

Note: Right Holders tab is currently only available to Amplify players only.


When viewing your Pro3, the displayed matrix will appear as per below:




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