Featured Suggestion - search matrix (Pro3)

Featured Suggestions allows users with Pro3 to add a search matrix to make searching tracks easier.


  1. Must have a Amplify or Pro3 player
  2. Apps > Settings: Featured Suggestions Panel 'Show Panel' must be checked
  3. Any of the following must be available and active on the account:
    Labels, Categories, Styles, Playlists, Versions

To get started on Featured Suggested:

  1. Go to Account Settings > Featured
  2. In the suggestions tab, add a list by giving it a name
  3. Select a list type from Albums, Playlists, Categories, Styles, Labels, Versions, Right Holders, Keywords
  4. Select list items from any of the type selected
    Note: you can mix various content types
  5. Save
  6. Order your lists when complete

When viewing your Pro3, the displayed matrix will appear as per below. You can request specific styling of the panel with your account manager.




When choosing Keywords as the type, you will be prompted to type in a keyword. When used on the player, this will be the equivalent of typing in a free text keyword in the search bar.


You can opt to have multiple panels to group search suggestions (these are lists in Featured) or use a single list. Your account manager can hide the tab/list's header if choosing to use only one.


When search suggestions is enabled, the home page content is  adjusted to accommodate the panel. 

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