Featured Suggestions & Right Holders

Featured Suggestions and Featured Right Holders allows users with Amplify or Pro3 to:

  • add a search matrix to make searching tracks easier
  • create Artist pages to feature their works (Amplify only)


  1. Must have a Amplify or Pro3 player
  2. Apps > Settings: Show featured suggestions must be set to =1
  3. Any of the following must be available and active on the account:
    Labels, Categories, Styles, Artists, Playlists, Versions

To get started on Featured Suggested:

  1. Go to Featured
  2. In the suggestions tab, add a list by giving it a name
  3. Select a list type from Albums, Playlists, Categories, Styles, Right Holders, Labels, Versions
  4. Select list items from any of the type selected
    Note: you can mix various content types
  5. Save
  6. Order your lists when complete

To get started on Right Holders (Amplify only):

If you have right holders that are Artists on your account, you can search and select them to add as featured. Ensure that the artist set as featured have a bio, image and additional information for best display results on Amplify. See here: https://harvestmedia.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050400391-Adding-Artist-Bios 

  1. Go to Featured and select the Right Holders tab
  2. Click add, and search the right holder names
  3. Save
  4. If you change and ordering, click save order to finalise.

When viewing your Amplify or Pro3, the displayed matrix will appear as per below:


Amplify showing Featured Suggestions Search Matrix and Artists



Pro3 Featured Search




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