CWR Registration

Contact if you would like to deliver CWR compliant data to your chosen PRO collecting society.

Once you account has been set up and approved by your PRO, follow these steps to start delivering:

  1.  Go To Distribute > Registrations
  2. Select the 'Unprocessed Albums' icon from the Registry panel
  3. Wait for results to load and select album to send but clicking the + icon
  4. Selected albums will be added to the 'Albums awaiting validation' queue


  5. View or Dispatch albums from this panel


  6. To dispatch, select albums in the popup for validation then dispatch "ready" albums.
    For albums that fail, deselect these from the popup and resolve errors before retrying.


  7. Once dispatched, album will move to the 'Albums being processed' panel. When completed they will no longer be listed in these panels.

  8. Failed deliveries will land in the 'Dispatch & Processing Errors'. You can retry adding these into the queue for delivery. For contact failures, please contact support.
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