Braintree eCommerce Setup

If you have an e-commerce enabled Pro3, you will need to create a Braintree account and complete the following:


  1. Send the Merchant IDPublic Key and Private Key to your account manager at Harvest.
  2. Add currency and the accepted payment methods 
    1. Go to Account > Merchant Account Info
    2. Enter the Merchant ID and set the currency 
    3. Save

  3. Update your account to accept PayPal
    1. Go to Settings > Processing
    2. Enable PayPal
    3. Fill in the PayPal account details and click 'Link PayPal Sandbox'

  4. In Processing Option page under Transactions, click on 'options' :
    1. Click 'add'
      1. Create 3 new fields 
        Display Name API Name
        Harvest Media Member ID harvestmedia_memberid
        Harvest Media Member Email harvestmedia_memberemail
        Harvest Media Invoice Number harvestmedia_invoicenumber

      2. Set the options to 'Store and Pass Back' for each field.
      3. Click Done

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