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Archive Track, Albums and Labels by following these steps:

  1. Go to MUSIC > ALL MUSIC
  2. Click the archive icon next to the track, album or label you wish to archive
  3. Choose archive and confirm
    Note: For content that has been distributed (shared) with Agents you will be given an option to set to inactive only or archive. Setting content to inactive will not hide content from agents however archiving will withdraw the content from being accessed.


  4. When complete, the content will not be shown on the usual ALL MUSIC labels page

 Please note that any agent that has received content will be notified of the withdrawal.

Reinstate content

You can reinstate archived content that has been archived within the last 30 days. After this period, content is permanently deleted.

  1. Go to MUSIC > ALL MUSIC
  2. Select the Archived Albums option

  3. Navigate to the track and select reinstate

  4. Any label, album or track that has been permanently deleted cannot be reinstated. This is marked with a black dot


Withdraw from agent and retain content

You can withdraw content from Agent accounts but retain the content on the originating account through the above process. That is:

  1. Archive/withdraw content where a notification will be sent to agents if the content has been distributed
  2. Reinstate the content via All Music > view Archived/Withdraw/Delete Albums
  3. Content will be reinstated on the originating account but not on the agent accounts

Note: content must be reinstated before 30 days since archiving. There is no way to reinstate permanently deleted content.



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