Members has been upgraded to include a display for a Contract Region when a valid Company is selected.


Setting up a Member:

  1. Go to Members > Search Members
  2. Click add/edit
  3. In the modal, enter the mandatory fields. In company name, if a match is found on a existing Member Company which is linked to a Contract Region, it will display below the Company field.
  4. If a Company that is free-text and does not exist as a company or alias, you can edit the company to an existing one and opt to save the free-text entry as a new alias to the selected company.
  5. Save

How it works:

Once you have added/edited a Member with a Contract Region, the member (and all members within the same Company) will have the same download rules, label and Writer Collecting Societies inclusions/exclusions applied.

For more information on Contract Regions, please see here.

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