Member Groups (Member Companies)

Member Groups has been upgraded to:

  • specify auto-approve rules
  • handle auto-approval based on domain or IP address including verification emails
  • link to a Contract Region

Member Companies are used for controlling group downloads.

Setting up a Member Group:

  1. Go to Members > Settings > Member Groups
  2. Click add
  3. In the modal, enter the name, choose a download setting and contract region. All other fields are optional.
  4. Save

How it works:

Once you have set up Member Groups, there are a few ways members are assigned to a group:

  1. Add or edit member
  2. Via registration when email domain or IP is matched

Download rules

These apply to any member that is assigned to a Member Group.


Contract Regions

Are regions that are not bound by countries. Similarly to Sales regions, they allow you to exclude/include labels and Writer Collecting Societies.



Assign a Member Group to a member by following steps here

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