Regions: Contract

Contract Regions are regions that are not bound by countries. Similar to Sales regions, they allow you to exclude/include labels and Writer Collecting Societies. 

Contract Regions can be linked to Member Groups and act as an extension to the settings available in Member Groups.

Setting up a Contract Region:

  1. Go to Account Settings > Regions
  2. Select the Contract Tab
  3. Click add 
  4. Enter a name, status, and a default streaming format. All other fields are optional.
  5. Save

How it works:

Once you have set up a Contract Region, select the toggle under 'Labels' to define a set of include/excluded Labels and Writer Collecting Societies.
Note that labels are excluded by default and Writer Collecting Societies are included by default.


Anything is the excluded lists will no longer be available to members for search audition and download.

To assign a Contract Region to a Member Group, follow these steps here 

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