Create & Edit Playlists

Playlist Panel:



  1. Users can search through their playlists
  2. Users can Create New Playlists 
  3. Number of Tracks in the playlists
  4. Rename the playlist
  5. Share playlist
  6. Duplicate Playlists
  7. Download Playlists
  8. Delete Playlists


Drag & Drop:


Click on a track and drag it in into My Playlists. The My Playlists panel will open automatically



Open/Re-order Playlists:

Once a user opens the playlist, users can:



  1. Indicates the number of tracks in the Playlist
  2. Allows user to edit the name of the Playlist
  3. Member can share playlists
  4. Allows members to add Playlists to Playlists
  5. Member can download playlists
  6. Download Cue Sheet
  7. Delete the entire playlist
  8. Increase the view of Track Information
  9. Member can delete track from Playlist
  10. Allows users to re-order tracks in playlist
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