Troubleshooting Advanced Import Errors

In this article, you'll find common errors users encounter when validating their updated metadata files inside the Advanced Import tool and how to solve them.


To find more information on the errors with each individual track:

  1. Expand the dropdown box for the file which contains errors. 

  2. Expand the dropdown box for the affected album (only needed if multiple albums contained within uploaded file).
  3. Click on Invalid and a pop-up will detail and pinpoint where the issue lies in the metadata for the particular track.


Common Errors

  • The file is invalid: Invalid data found in the import file

Follow the process above to find out more information about the error for the affected tracks.


  • The file is invalid: Import file is missing original publisher for related right holder.

Ensure the column 'WRITER:N: Original Publisher' contains a name of a publisher for the affected track.


  • The file is invalid: One or more identities do not match to a particular track in the system.

Either 'ALBUM: Identity' or 'TRACK: Identity' is missing the Identity information for a track in the metadata that already exists within the Harvest platform. The best way to rectify this is to download the metadata from the Harvest Admin before editing.


  • The file is invalid: Duplicated identities have been found.

Most likely caused by duplicate 'TRACK: Identity' values for 2 tracks. Each track must have a different Identity. These values are automatically generated and do not need to be defined before ingestion.


  • The file is invalid: Data in column [ALBUM: Release Date] is not consistent for all rows

Double check that all the columns have the same value for the 'ALBUM: Release Date' column. If the issue persists, copy the dates column into a notepad. Change the column formatting to text and paste the dates back in



  • File contains unsupported special character(s). To retry, review file contents and make sure import file is being saved as UTF-8 encoding compliant.

    Simply save the file as CSV UTF-8
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