Adding a Typekit font to your Harvest Pro3 Player

You can set up a Typekit font on your Harvest Pro player. To do this, you need to be familiar with CSS, and be able to update the CSS on your player.

Please contact us if you would like us to implement a font in the input of your player.

  1. Login on to your Typekit Adobe ID. You may need to sign up for a plan if your font is not freely available.

  2. Search for and locate the font you wish to use on your player.

  3. Hit the '+Use fonts' button which appears when hovering over the font.

  4. On the pop-up, click the <> Web tab.

  5. Add the font to an existing Kit if you have multiple fonts, or create a new Kit.

  6. If creating a Kit, enter a Name and the domains for your player. Remember to include '', if you have a beta player. Hit Continue.

  7. On the next page, copy the kit ID from the embed code. This is the 7 letter/digit combination followed by ".js" after and before ">. 

  8. Select the character set required and the weights and styles. Keep these to a minimum as selecting multiple styles will slow your player loading speed.

  9. Hit Publish.

  10. Click Embed Code if you need to find the Kit ID for step 7 above.

  11. Login to and go to Apps > Settings 

  12. In the field - "TypeKitJsFileName" - paste the code copied at step 7 or 10

  13. Hit Save.

You will then need to place the font name in the CSS file of your player for those classes which you want to have that font.

Please contact us if you need help with this step.

Note: It may take several hours for the change to appear in your Harvest Pro Player.

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