Customising your Harvest Pro3 Wall

You are able to customize your Home Wall by adding Text, Images, Playlists, Albums, Videos, Featured Albums & Featured Playlists.

To do so: Go to Apps > SG3 > Web Content  > Add


Generic Items:

  1. Once you select Add, an 'Add Content' dialogue will appear - ensure you fill out the following:


    • Name

    • Code: The codes must be unique and have a prefix of “SG3_EN_HOME” followed by a unique name. E.g. <prefix>_<your unique name> = SG3_EN_HOME_Newslink

    • Parent: ::HOME (Ensure your Home Wall content is a nested into the SG3 Contents > Home folder)

    • Status: If you are ready for your content to go live select Active, otherwise select Inactive, this can always be changed when you're ready

    • Type: you are able to choose from the following options, Text, Images, Playlists, Albums, Videos, Featured Albums & Featured Playlists.

Types of Web Content:

Depending on the Type of Home Wall content you will add, will depend on what to fill out:

  • HTML:  select Type as HTML, add desired content into HTML field

  • Image: select Type as Image, select 'New File' to upload image or 'Select File' to add an image already uploaded into your Assets, if you want the image to have text when clicked add desired text into HTML section


  • Playlist: select Type as Playlist, select your desired playlist from drop down box,  select 'New File' to upload image or 'Select File' to add an image already uploaded into your Assets.

    Note: If you have already uploaded a playlist image (via Engage), the artwork will load automatically.


  • Album: select Type as Album, select desired album from drop down box


  • Video: 


    • 1. Add Title of Web Content
    • 2. Add code here
    • 3. Change Type to Video
    • 4. Do not add anything in here
    • 5. Add new or existing Image cover
    • 6. Add Block Tag for the cover sizing
    • 7. Add url-[YOUTUBELINK] as next tag
    • 8. Add width-[px] of actual video size
    • 9. Add height-[px] of actual video size
  • Featured Album/Featured Playlist: select Type as Featured Playlist or Featured Album

Changing the size of your elements
You can size your elements to a maximum of three elements high and 6 elements across. Please ensure all your images are scaled correct:

Recommended sizing:

> block-1x1: 300px x 300px (1:1)
> block-2x1: 600px x 300px (2:1)
> block-2x2: 600px x 600px (2:2)
> block-3x1: 900px x 300px (3:1)

To change the size of your Home Wall content, add the tag block-XxY 

  • X = panels across
  • Y = panels down



Setting the Region
Select the Region you want this to be visible to (if applicable) and the Language. Once you are finished select 'Save' to save it as a draft or 'Save & Publish' to make it live


Reorder & Publish
To reorder your home page content use the  icon to drag and drop into the position of your choice. Then please select 'Publish' at the bottom of the page:


The ordering on the Harvest Pro Home Wall, goes from top to bottom (see image below):



Re-ordering the position of your featured albums

The order of featured albums on your Pro3 homepage wall is determined by the order in which you switch albums to FEATURED in your admin account:

To display an album at the start of your homepage wall, switch that album to featured and it will display first. If you switch another album to featured after it, that 2nd album will display at the start instead. In other words, the latest album you switch to featured will display first on the homepage, and all other albums switched on before it will move down accordingly.


Editing web content
To edit existing web content (images, playlists etc.) You click the edit button on your desired element:

From this edit screen, you can choose to add new image artwork:

You can also choose to link something to an image. For example, you can link a featured playlist to an image web content by pasting the playlist link into the URL: box:


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