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Get Featured Playlists

GetFeaturedPlaylist returns all playlists flagged as “featured” including:

  • Playlist elements for active playlists only
  • Track count of track elements in each playlist

Featured playlists will not return the track list. See GetFeaturedPlaylist


GET /getfeaturedplaylists/{serviceToken}/playlistonly

Parameter Type Status
ServiceToken String Mandatory


Successful Response:

  <playlist name="Not What You'd Expect" id="00000000000000" description="Steering away from the electronic music that you might expect to hear from us, here are a mixed bag of gems- genres from orchestral to rock and pop to folk (and of course many more..)" createddate="2018-06-06 23:26:56" trackcount="30" hasimage="false" allowdownload="false">
<playlist name="World Cup" id="00000000000000" description="A mix of epic, inspirational, tense and driving tracks that will get any football fan’s emotions rousing, whether it’s feelings of victory or defeat." createddate="2018-04-11 19:57:43" trackcount="34" hasimage="false" allowdownload="false">


Error Response:

<description>Invalid Token</description>


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