Agents bulk updating data

The Get Originator Data process is used to update changes in the metadata made by the Original Publisher.

This process can be used:

1. When you are required to update received content from the OP

2. When you have made changes to original content and need to redistribute 

Received Content

An OP may advise you that they have updated their content and you can choose whether to update it on your side. The Get Originator Process will overwrite any changes you have made to the data.

In order to receive the updates, check that you have the appropriate fields turned on your account: see Field Settings

Originated Content

If you have distributed content but wish to update its metadata, this will not automatically flow through to your sub-publishers.

You will need to email your sub-publishers informing them of the changes.

Once your sub-publishers are informed of the changes, they can decide whether to make the changes manually themselves, or to 'Get Originator Data' and overwrite any changes they have made.



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