Members Auto-approve rules

Set up auto-approve rules base on the registrants domain.


To do this, first set up Regions under Account Settings > Regions:

    1. In Regions, add or edit a region
    2. Under the Player Settings tab, set the auto approve option for that region

      Set an option for each of your active regions.

    3. For regions with either of the settings below, go to step 4-5
      • Auto-approve: Everyone (except Stop list)
      • Auto-approve: Go list only

    4. Now go to Members > Settings > Auto-approve rules

    5. Enter the domains for Stop and/or Go for example ''
      Anyone who registers with an email form Gmail will either be stopped from being auto-approved (via 'Auto-approve: Everyone (except Stop list)') or approved (via 'Auto-approve: Go list only').

    6. For regions set up with 'Auto-approve: Use verification email', go to Account Settings > Email Templates

    7. Create/edit a template for Member Verification Email
      Example text:
      Dear [firstname],

      Please click the link below to verify your account


      This is will be the email that is sent to registrants when the sign up.

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