Playlist Import

The following steps are required to import items within a playlist

  1. Navigate to Engage page
  2. Within Playlist panel either
    • create a playlist and then or
    • select existing playlist to work with e.g. click on playlist name
  3.  Select the playlist import (chain/link) icon from header panel
  4. A popup will appear stating Playlist name and option to import file.
    • Only .csv and .txt files are excepted.
    • File should be constructed in the following formats:
      • Two columns with Headers titled (in order) as *ALBUM: Code* and *TRACK: Number*; Album code refers to album cd code and track number is cd track number.

  1. Once a file selected from file system - file will be uploaded
  2. Click 'import' to start the process.
  3. A summary will show one of the following when complete: 
    • Success
    • Warning - any issue or partially processed file contents
    • Error - when experienced error in processing the file.
  4. User can navigate away at anytime (pre and post import process). 
  5. The playlist panel will be refreshed to reflect changes made during the process.


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