The following items are required for integration.

Workspace access

Items placed into the workspace are stored at the following s3 endpoint.{accountcode}

For clients wanting to copy items to their own s3 bucket, GetObject permissions will need to be established via a bucket policy for 3rd party IAMS user ie: arn:aws:iam::{account}:user/{username}

Alternately an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key can be provided for direct access using the AWS S3 API. Document is available here.


Admin User

The account owner will need to create an admin user to be able to download items to the workspace.


Manage Tags 

You can add/remove the tags you want to appear in the workflow picklists:

  1. Go to “Advanced Metadata”
  2. Select “album tab picklist”
  3. Add, edit or delete as required. ie Add tag “Copied to {account name} – mp3” 


Bulk assigning “Copied to {account name} – mp3” to all albums in your account. 

You may need to flag albums that you have already downloaded prior to using the API integration.

  1. Go to album manager
  2. Search for albums
  3. Select the albums
  4. Go to action and select “manage tags”
  5. Assign “Copied to All Music – mp3”



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