This function returns a list of libraries for the specific account.

Get Labels

GetLibraries returns libraries flagged as “active”.


GET /getlibraries/{serviceToken}

Returns service details which include:

  • One or more library elements (active libraries only)
  • Location: location of library i.e. New York
  • Website: URL of library i.e.
  • Library logo: logo/image associated to library

NOTE: To return inactive Libraries in the response append /includeinactive to your request for example:

Parameter Type Status
ServiceToken String Mandatory

Successful Response:




<library detail=”" name=”HARVEST MEDIA 1″ id=”19b8f5934403adde” location=”" website=”" librarylogourl=”" lastupdated=”"/>

<library detail=”" name=”HARVEST MEDIA 2″ id=”47ec1487155769b9″ location=”New York” website=www.[myurl].com librarylogourl=”imageurl/id/{width}/{height}” lastupdated=”2011-02-11 12:29:18″/>



Error Response:





<description>Invalid Token</description>




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