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Get Album Tracks

GetAlbumTracks returns all Tracks for a specific Album. Returns service details which include one or more Track elements (active albums only).

Results are order by tracknumber and then displaytitle. 


GET /getalbumtracks/{serviceToken}/{albumID}

Parameter Type Status
ServiceToken String Mandatory
albumID String Mandatory

Include inactive Tracks in the response by appending /includeinactive in your request.
For example: /getalbumtracks/{serviceToken}/{albumID}/IncludeInactive

To only return main active Tracks in your response append /mainonly to your request.
For example: /getalbumtracks/{serviceToken}/{albumID}/mainonly

Successful Response:

<track tracknumber=”001″ time=”02:50″ lengthseconds=”170″ comment=”Make sure you’re down the front for this fiery Post Punk workout.” composer=”&quot;S. Milton, J. Wygens&quot;” publisher=”" name=”Guerilla Pop” albumid=”1c5f4ffffffff3″ id=”1737ffffffffffff8d” keywords=”" displaytitle=”Guerilla Pop” genre=”Pop / Rock” tempo=”" instrumentation=”" bpm=”" mixout=”" frequency=”44100″ bitrate=”1411″ dateingested=”2008-05-15 18:08:18″ version=”" lastupdated=”2013-02-11 12:29:18″/>

Error Response:

<description>Corrupt Input Data</description>


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