Opening the Ingestion tool on Mac OS

For security reasons related to Java & Apple products Mac Users will need to download and install the latest version of Java in order to run the Ingestion Tool on Mac. The location to download can be accessed below:

If you are having issues opening the ingestion tool app, please follow these steps below to rectify the issue: 

Solution 1: 

This solution below is for users who has updated their JAVA to the latest version.

Downloading the JAVA version below will fix your issue and may require you to uninstall your current JAVA.   


Below is a direct download to our MacOS Ingestion tool.


Solution 2:
Another potential solution is to loosen your security preference:


Solution 3:
You could also try these steps:

  1. right click on the app, show package content
  2. go to Contents/Java
  3. double click the jar file to run directly

Solution 4:

There is a string limit with the file location in the ingestion tool.

Attempt to move the location of the folder to somewhere more accessible and with less folder levels, preferably in the first layer of your C: Drive, such as:


Finally, you can try this:

Because this is more of a configuration on your end to allow such applications to be opened, Harvest support is limited here, however, please go through all these potential solutions listed above. 





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