Add/Edit Right Holders

If you wish to edit the details for a Writers, Publishers or Artists on all your tracks, you can do so via Music > Right Holders.

To add, simply:

  1. Click Add Right Holder
  2. Enter the details in the popup
  • Capacity: Author, Composer, Composer/Author, Arranger, Original Publisher, Sub-Publisher, Artist
    Note the selection is dependent on the type.
  • Name: First Name, Middle Name and Last Name* (also dependent on type)
  • Society*
  1. Hit save
  2. You will now be able to find the new composer when manually adding/editing a track's Composer share details

* indicates a required field
NOTE: For right holders with a single name, enter the name in the LAST NAME field.
If a society is supplied, then a CAE/IPI me be supplied except when the society is NS (No Society) or PD (Public Domain)

To edit, simply:

  1. Search for the writer, publisher or artist
  2. Click the edit icon  next to their name, make any necessary changes and click Save.


These updates will also be carried through to your sub-publishers accounts so that they will always have the most up to date data for WRITERS, PUBLISHERS or ARTISTS.



Right Holders can become duplicated where there are consistency issues with your ingestion or import data. For example, if names or IPI numbers are entered incorrectly. 

You can merge any Right Holder with in the same type - that is, Writers with other Writers, and Artists with other Artists.

Use the merge icon  on a right holder you wish to merge into another. All tracks of the archived right holder will be moved to the selected entity.




Description, Video Title, Video Embed Code and Right Holder Image are additional fields that can be switched on you account.

These fields are currently being displayed on Amplify Search Players only.

To switch these fields on your account, go to Account Settings > Global Settings and enable the Right Holder Contents option.

A pop up will allow you to select the options you want to make available.

Update the Global Settings by clicking on Update at the bottom of the page.

Check that the confirmation appears at the top of the page before heading into Music > Right Holders.

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