Using Engage

Here are some tips for using the Engage page.

If you do not see the Engage option available, please contact


Search tracks and create a Playlist

  1. Search using keywords or within Categories and Styles.

  2. Create a new playlist using the + icon in either My, Team or Featured Playlists.

    My - Playlist that can only be seen by you in your User account

    Team - Playlists that are visible to all User accounts

    Featured - Playlists that are visible on the front end player

  3. Mouse over the drag drop icon of a track and drag the track over to a playlist in either My, Team or Featured Playlists.

Member and Users: Viewing, copying and sharing playlists

  1. Search for a member and double click to view the member's playlists.

  2. Pin members to find easily.

  3. Member playlists will display in the Playlist tab.

  4. Drag  user created playlists to the member's name under the Member tab

  5. When viewing a member's playlist, drag or click the  icon to add it to your playlists.

  6. Alternatively, drag member playlists into My playlist

  7. Share playlists using the share icon to Admin Users, Members and Guests

    a. Select from a list of admin users connected to your HM account
    b. Type the name or email address of a approved member (multiples allowed)
    c. Send and email or link to non-members (guests) 

  8. If you wish, add a personalised message


Importing Playlists

In excel, create a file with either of the following headings:

- ALBUM: Code

- TRACK: Number


The data must match what exists in the admin.


Select the playlist to import to then click the import icon and follow the prompts.


Exporting Playlists

Select a playlist in any tab, then click the export icon.




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