Keyword Groups

Keyword groups allow you to create groups for search terms, where searching for one term will return results for searches for the keywords in that group.

An example of this would be to create a group named ‘Crime’, which includes the keywords ‘crime, murder, kill, blood’, then searching for ‘kill’ will also return results for searches of the words ‘crime’, ‘murder’ and ‘blood’.

Alternate languages should also be added tot he default field as alternatives (blue).



There are a few fundamental rules with how CloudSeach works that we do not have control over. These are coming into play here. Rules (taken from CloudSearch documentation):

  1. Terms separated by whitespace are treated as separate tokens.
  2. Terms separated by ASCII punctuation are treated as separate tokens
  3. If a string contains both alphabetic and numeric characters and is at least three and no more than nine characters long, the alphabetic and numeric portions of the string are treated as separate tokens 


    K-Pop, KPop, Korean, Korea

So with this particular example, the searching “Korea” will return the same as a "Pop" search is because of the "K-Pop" keyword which is in the same keyword group. As per point 2 above, the punctuation “-“ is removed and so the search is actually performing on “K” and “Pop”. “Pop” then picks up the usual pop results. “K” as a single character is then stripped out when wildcarding is off.


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