Search Member Downloads

  • On the left hand pane, select the Members option and select Search Members


  • Use the Search bar if you require to refine your search or look for a specific member


  • You can also refine your members by the following options:

  • Unlimited: Members who have an unlimited downloads limit
  • Limited Open: Member has a set number of downloads that they still haven't reached
  • Limited Closed: Member has a set number of downloads they have reached
  • Not Allowed: Member has been blocked from downloading completely


  •  A refined list of members will appear on the right hand side. 


  • If you click select the Edit icon, you can change the download options for each member. Once you select edit, scroll to the bottom of the page to Download Options 
  • To block members from downloading, untick the Allow Downloads option

  • To give members Unlimited Access, ensure the Allow Downloads box is selected and change Download Limit to Unlimited


  • To assign members with Limited Access, ensure Allow Downloads is selected, change Download Limit to Limited, Add the amount of downloads you want to assign your member in the Downloads Remaining Section


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