Downloading Content

Users can download content by track, album or playlist.

Track Downloads

Downloading a track is easy on your Amplify player. Users can simply click on the down arrow at the end of the track, and the download starts.

Users can also click on the download button on the Waveform player while a track is playing.


Album and Playlist Downloads

Downloads of entire albums or playlists need to be sent by email to the user. They click the down arrow, and enter their email address.

They are then sent a Download Request email saying their download is in progress.

Then they will be sent a Download Notification email with a link. The link will open in a new window, where the download will begin.


HINT: You can set up an HTML wrapper for your brand. Contact Harvest Media for more information, if you know HTML you can add on yourself, find out more here

You can also edit the download filename convention - the filenames of downloaded tracks - on the Global Settings page under the Settings tab.



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