Creating Playlist Categories

Playlist Categories are used to group playlists of a similar theme under the one section for ease of navigation.

To do this:

  1. Go to Engage
  2. Select the section where you wish to create a new playlist category (My, Team or Featured)

  3. Click the manage playlist categories icon 
  4. A new tab will appear in the center panel

  5. Click the add icon
  6. Enter and description, then select the playlists to be added

    When creating a playlist category in the Featured tab, you will have additional options:
  • Colour
  • Status (active or inactive)
  • Language (multilingual players only)
  • Image (API or custom clients only)

    If you do not have any playlists to choose from, you will need to create these or copy them from another section (My, Team or Featured)

  1. Hit save
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