Getting Started

Getting Access

You will only have access to content distributed to your account on HarvestMedia.

The content originator will need to distribute their library on their end for you to be able to see it in your account.

Please contact the content originator if their library is not appearing in your account.


Libraries and Albums

The HarvestMedia system divides content into albums, and into libraries. A library contains a collection of albums.

Both can be accessed using HarvestMedia.

To download an album, the agent will be required to make a request. The request can be for a single album or individual track(s). The metadata for albums can also be downloaded upon request.


Agents with a Search and Download Player

Agents who possess a front-end player integrated with the HarvestMedia Management system do not need to download music content and metadata from the system.

The music and metadata needs to be switched from inactive to active to make it live on the front-end player.

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