Create a Playlist

You can create a playlist via Engage in three separate sections:

  • My =  this is you own person collection that you can only create, edit and delete and share
  • Team = this is the area you and all users in your HM account can create, collaborate and share
  • Featured = this is where playlists are shared live on your search site. You can create and share from here too!


To create a playlist in any of these section (tabs), first click on the tab you wish to create it in. Then:

  1. Click the add icon
  2. In the pop-up, add a name, description and any tags you wish to associate with it.
  3. Click save

  4. The new empty playlist will appear in the tab you had selected in the first step

  5. Find tracks to add to the playlist by:
    a) the search panel and entering keywords 
    b) searching by categories (if available in your data)
    c) browsing through labels and albums
    d) browsing through styles and albums

  6. Track will load in the center panel which then can bee dragged to a playlist

  7. Continue adding tracks until the playlist is completed to your satisfaction.








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