Album Manager

The album manger allows you to search for albums and apply styles, tags, and keywords to albums.

You can now also bulk update the status of an album, select featured albums and download and apply tags.


Use the Album Manager to find and update tracks that:

  • are missing style data
  • are assigned a style
  • belong to a particular label from either originated or from an agent
  • are assigned a tag
  • have a specified release date or date range
  • have a status of active or inactive
  • have been released between a particular date
  • are featured albums or not


  1. Go to MusicAlbum Manager

  2. Search albums using basic keyword search, advanced search or filter results using the many default options

  3. Bulk update albums by selecting the checkbox
  4. Select action and choose an option to apply to the selected albums

    Styles must be create beforehand via Music > Album Styles

    Tags and Keywords must be created beforehand via Account Settings > Advanced Metadata >

  5. Remove or assign data to selected albums by selecting from the drop-down
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