Track Manager

The track manager allows you to search through your accounts content and bulk assign categories and keywords to tracks.

Use the Track Manager to find and update tracks that:

  • are missing keyword or category data
  • are assigned a category
  • are assigned a style
  • belong to a particular label
  • have a specified release date or date range
  • have a status of active or inactive
  • have a particular version or are either main or alternate versions


  1. Go to Music > Track Manager

  2. Search for tracks using a keyword search, advanced search or specify certain details to refine your search

  3. Bulk assign tracks by selecting the track(s) you wish to update
  4. Click on action to choose an option

  5. Choose either keyword or category and assign or remove data.
    Note that categories must be created via Music > Categories first.
    Keywords can be inputted directly into the field.

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