Delivering to WCPM - New Releases

Here are some simple steps to follow when you are ready to distribute to Warner Chappell Production Music.

If you are delivering to WCPM for the first time and have not yet set them up as a Agent on your account, please follow these steps here:

  1.  Log into Harvest Media Admin.

  2. Under the Distribute tab, select Agents from the list.

  3. Select the Label you wish to distribute from

  4. Click on the number under Albums Pending to open a pop-up window.

  5. In the pop-up, you will need to distribute any albums you wish. Select all albums quickly(1), or go through and individually select specific albums to distribute(2). You can download the metadata file to check through it again before distribution(3). When albums are selected, click the distribute button down the bottom(4).

  6. When completed, the Albums Available will update with the number of albums distributed.

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