Field Settings

Field settings allows you to add additional fields to your data.

  1. Go to Account Settings > Advanced Metadata > Field Settings to add a field or enabled pre-configured field (ie:PRS Tunecode)

  2. Choose where you would like to add the new field in either Attribute or Code. It is recommended that you browse through each sub-header to check for existing fields. To do this click the  icon

  3. To add a field, click the icon and either set an existing field to active or click the + icon to add new. Also set whether the field is mandatory or not.

  4. This field should now appear in your metadata extract/download and in edit pages (library, album, track , member, etc)

  5. You can update this column and then re-import this via the import page
    1. this is operational for library, album and track attributes and codes only
    2. member fields in the export are not implemented as yet – there is also no member import
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