Sales Regions

You can add regions to your player to:

  • restrict members from accessing content
  • provide language specific email responses (see Email Templates)
  • direct registrations to specified admin users


  1. Go to Account Settings > Regions

  2. Add or edit an existing region


  3. Add or edit the name and set the status in the Details tab


    For search players, chose to show the region selection option when users open the Pro3 in a browser. For multilingual Pro3 players, also set the language (Languages must be set up first).

    Add a contact user by firstly assigning regions to admin users via Account Settings > Manage Users. Note that when a admin user is linked to a region, they cannot be deleted.

    Auto-approve rules will be dictated by what is set up in Members > Settings > Auto-approve rules.

  4. Select the countries to be included in the region in the Countries tab

  5. When saved, click the toggle under the Labels column
  6. Select the labels to be visible for the particular region
  7. Then select any collecting societies to be excluded if required 
    If there are any collecting societies on the account that are unverified, the display on the labels selection will look like so:



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