All Music

The Library tab allows you to view, search and edit your content and content distributed to you.

From this page, you can view your libraries. Clicking a library will expand it to display its albums, and clicking an album will open it in the Tracks tab.

  1. Click to view all available content (both ingested and received)
  2. Label view
  3. Track view when a album has been selected
  4. Search content
  5. Search results  as a track listing
  6. Label - click to expand and view albums within
  7. Albums within a Label - click to view track list within
  8. Featured Album - click to set as featured album (excludes SG1)
  9. Status - set to active or inactive when editing
  10. Download multiple album's data
  11. Edit label
  12. Delete label
  13. Download album data
  14. Download album audio
  15. Edit album
  16. Delete album
  17. Add new label
  18. Show content - Labels, Featured Albums or Inactive albums
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