Adding and Editing Members

Members can be added in two different situations.

Members can apply to be added manually or you can accept their existing application:

  1. Go to Members > Search Members

  2. Click 'Add Member' in the 'Search' panel

  3. Fill out the Member's details, including setting their status to Active. Click Save.
    Choose to have an automated email sent to the member with their details OR copy the login details via 'Generate Password 'and send a direct email to them.

    To edit a pre-existing member:

    1. Go to Members > Search Member

    2. Search for the member you wish to edit.

    3. Click the  next to their details.

    4. Edit their details and hit Save.
  4. Alternatively, view the 'Pending' tab in 'Results' and use the check-box to approve member(s)

Remember to notify the member of their login details.

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