Using the Export Manager

What Endpoints are available to deliver to:

  • Adrev
  • BMAT (API)
  • DashGo (API)
  • GEMA
  • Kontent Core
  • Musiio (API)
  • Protunes (API)
  • SCPP
  • SoundAware
  • SoundMiner (S3)
  • Soundmouse (API)
  • SourceAudio (API)
  • TikTok / ByteDance (S3)
  • Tunesat
  • Yacast
  • ZDF (API)

(last updated July 2023)


Getting set up:

You will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Contact Harvest Media support to let them know you would like to export your content. We will need to know:
    • which endpoint(s) you are interested in setting up; and
    • whether you already have an account with the endpoint.

  2. For AdRev you may want to export mains only. If you do, please follow the steps here to set up Main/Alt relationships within your albums.

  3. Once HarvestMedia has set up your account with any or all of the endpoint available, export your albums following these easy steps:

Upgrades to Soundmouse (14th July 2021):



Manage Tab

This tab allows you to configure export systems; search and send content based on labels, albums, album status, endpoints, and export status. Also monitor the queue and delivery processes.

    1. Go to Distribute > Export Manager

    2. In the Manage tab, find your catalogue in the search panel

      Hint: Select Unprocessed in Export Status to find all content for all endpoints that have not been sent. Use the Group By filtering option to filter by Album or Label.


    3. To select albums to add to the queue, either click on the checkbox or the status icons, then select the action button to add albums to the queue.


    4. In the Albums awaiting dispatch panel, click the View and Dispatch icon. You can remove albums from the queue from this window also.


    5. Select all or some of the albums to validate and dispatch.


    6. You will see the dispatched albums move from the 'awaiting dispatch' panel to the 'being processed' panel.

      Note: Delivering to ZDF will skip the Awaiting Dispatch and go straight to Being Processed.
      Soundmouse API & BMAT Digiback deliveries will process immediately and may not look to appear in the Albums being process section.


    7. To view any albums that are in the Albums awaiting dispatch queue, use the Search panel and select Pending from the Export Status and search. Any albums in the Dispatch & Processing Errors panel can be re-queued for dispatch if they have a Error status.

Note: Updates on any content will need to be redelivered to endpoints except for Soundmouse APIL & BMAT Digiback where any changes are picked when polling the API.


Usage Tab

This tab allows you to search and view sent history. Search by date, labels, albums endpoint or delivery status. Export 

    1. Go to Distribute > Export Manager

    2. In the Usage tab, begin a search using the search panel fields or use the Quick Search option.


    3. Use the Group By option to filter your search results bu Label or Endpoint.


    4. Export your search results using the Export button on the top right of the screen




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