Removing Line Breaks from Metadata

One common metadata error is the presence of line breaks in the file.


Line breaks are where you have manually split a cell into two lines, but hitting CTRL + ENTER or COMMAND + RETURN.

To remove line breaks from your file, open the offending metadata file in Excel, then follow these steps:

  1. Do a Search or Find of the document, and select Replace.

  2. Holding the ALT key, enter 010 into the Find what field.

  3. Then enter a space into the Replace with field. Neither field will show any input.

  4. Hit Replace All

  5. This process should replace all line breaks in your document with spaces, and allow it to proceed through the metadata validator correctly.

  6. NOTE: If you have additional COM, ARR or PUB columns for certain tracks, you may need to remove spaces from these columns, in rows which do not have values. This can be done by selecting those cells which do not have values and hitting "Delete" or clearing their contents.
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