Ingesting an Album

  1. Once you have installed the Ingestion Tool, enter your user name and password and Login.
  2. Select the Metadata Validator tab and click Browse.

  3. Select the File Format, then navigate to the album, then open and select the text (.txt) file in the album’s folder

  4. Now click Validate.

  5. If the data is invalid it will return a list of errors. It shows which row number the error is located in the text file.

  6. The text file must be updated until there are no errors.

  7. If the data is correct the message will be the following:

  8. Now you can select the Ingestion tab and begin ingesting.

  9. Navigate to the location of your albums which should be in separate folders. Each folder for each album should contain the following only:
    • .WAV files for the album
    • .JPG artwork file (Max 8MB in file size)
    • .TXT (tab delimited) metadata spreadsheet

  10. Select the album folder and click the arrow to add to the Manifest on the right panel using the '>' button.
    Note: Do not open the album folder.

  11. Once all albums to be ingested are in the Manifest, click next.

  12. Next, wait for the data to load before selecting the library.

  13. Select the correct date format. The format uses in the file is displayed in the Album Release Date column.

    Note: If your ingestion completes and shows the error "Complete with errors" there is likely an issue with the date format selected. Check the Harvest Admin under Music > Ingestion Manager or retry the ingestion.

  14. Then click Start Ingestion:

  15. When your ingestion is complete, a pop-up window will appear showing the completed time. If there are any errors, for example the internet was disconnected, the alert window will popup and rollback incomplete processes.

Important notes:

We recommend that initial ingestions be done on an album-by-album basis. This will familiarise you with the process and allow you to understand the normal upload speeds for your location. Once you have a good understanding of the process we recommend larger manifests.

Once ingestion is complete, the content will appear in the Harvest Media management tools with a status of inactive. If you have a player or use our API you content must be made ‘Active’ before it will be publicly available.

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