Distributing Content to Agents

Distributing multiple albums to new sub-publishers can be done in the Distributors tab.

NOTE: Please ensure you have distribution agreements with Sub-Publishers BEFORE adding new Agents.

  1. Under the Distribute, select Agents.

  2. Select either the Label/Library or Agent tab to view either

  3. Once you select the label or agent you require, the agents or labels will automatically appear, if there are any.
  4. To add a New Agent, select Add, Select Agent and search in the drop down box

    To add a New Label/Library, select Add, Select Label and search in the drop down box
  5. If you cannot find an Agent click the Click here to add a new agent button, fill out their details, and wait for approval.

  6. If you did not distribute all albums to your new agent in step 4, click on the number under Albums Pending.

  7. Once the agent is added, to distribute music to them, select the number under the Pending Albums column

    If you have added a new Label/Library to the existing agent, select the number under Pending Albums column

  8. Select the Notify Agent check box then hit Distribute.

    Important Note -
    if you are distributing a large number of albums (or whole catalogue) DO NOT check this box. Doing so will result in a very large email to your Agent. The best option for large distributions is to email the agent directly about the newly available content.


  9. When the distribution process is complete, the number under Albums Available will read the number of albums that were selected for distribution. When a larger distribution process is running in the background a plane.PNGicon will appear to represent this. 



You may also choose to distribute individual albums from the Edit Album page.


NOTE: If you are distributing all the albums in a larger library, it may take time to appear in your distributor's account.

Release Update (16-08-2019): Distribution of albums and tracks will be blocked when the recipient sub-publisher has archived the content.  If this occurs we recommend contacting the Sub-Publisher to discuss the issue.

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