Providing a speed test (HAR) file

If you are having trouble with speeds on your player, we will ask you to provide us with a HAR file for testing purposes.

To get a HAR file,  you will need to:

  1. Open Google Chrome.

  2. Open the menu and select More Tools > Developer Tools or press Ctrl + Shift + I.

  3. Click the Network tab. (Watchpoint!) If you are unable to find Network click on the double arrow button as shown)
  4. Check the Disable cache checkbox.

  5. Check that the recording icon is red, which means it is "recording". If it is grey, click it to start recording.

  6. Load your player in Chrome (by typing your player's URL into the search bar). (Watchpoint! Ctrl + R can also trigger the recording).

  7. Once it has finished loading, right-click in the Network panel, and select Save as HAR with content.

  8. Save the file in your chosen location with your domain as its file name, and attach this file in your email to HarvestMedia.

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