Delivering to Warner/Chappell Production Music

When delivering to Warner/Chappell (WC) there are a number of standards that must be met before sending. These are outlined below:

Why use the title only?

A filename will be automatically generated using the following fields followed by the filename type (.wav):

  • Cat No/CD Code
  • Track Number
  • Track Title
  • Version

For example, FNCC019_01_Preludio_Full.wav

This set up is similar to the Download Filename Convention you find under the SETTINGS tab of the HarvestMedia management.

Adding the version or edit to the title will cause a duplication issue since the Version is already being used.

Any other information in the track title is unnecessary since there are fields to contain information like:

For example, FNCC019_01_Preludio full version_Full.wav


What is a version?

A version defines the edit of the track. Some examples are:

  • Main
  • 30Sec
  • 60Sec
  • Alt
  • Instrumental

For a list of versions commonly used, please see attached spreadsheet (versions types.xlxs)

If there are tracks with the same title with various versions and it is not enough to differentiate the versions using the duration, it is best practice to add the differences in the tracks like so:

In early 2015, there will be updates across how version data will be managed which will help you choose the correct versions for your data that are compliant with the WCPM standard. Watch this space!

Why add a CD Code?

It is good practice to add the CD Code (or Cat No) into the albums title as this will help organise your albums in chronological order.

It is also important that there are no spaces with in the CD Code. For example, 'OIL 001' should be entered as 'OIL001'

When adding the CD Code to a Display Title, ensure that these match exactly as entering the incorrect CD Code will result in an error when delivering to WarnerChappell.


Release Dates

If more than one album is released in a catalogue on the same date, then each album will need the date offset by one day so each album is unique and is in chronological order with the album CD Code and the incremental day offset for the release date.


Featured Instrument

This data is not mandatory, however if you do choose to provide data, please ensure that the data is descriptive of what instruments are bing used rather than Yes/No.



If the column 'ATTRIBUTE:WCSP: Vocal’ is Y for yes and 'ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: Vocal Type' is not No vocals or Vocal Textures, you must supply data in 'TRACK: Lyrics'


The importance of Composer & Arranger information

In all cases Composer + Arranger must = 100%. For example:

  • Any Combination of Composers + Arrangers = 100%
  • Only 1 Arranger = 100%
  • Only 1 Composer =100%

However if you do not have or reference Arrangers in your works then the Arranger columns can be removed from your data file. If there is no Arranger then your Composer total MUST equal 100%.


For Public Domain composers and arrangers the format is like this:

  • If the original composer is known – with no Arranger, it is formatted in the metadata like this:

    COM: Richard Georg Strauss (PD) 100% [0]
  • If the original composer is known – with an Arranger, it is formatted in the metadata like this:

    COM: Richard Georg Strauss (PD) 0%,
    ARR: DeLynn Holt (Arr) (ASCAP) 100% [987654321]
  • If the original composer is unknown – with an Arranger, it is formatted in the metadata like this:

    COM: Traditional unknown (PD) 0%,
    ARR: DeLynn Holt (Arr) (ASCAP) 100% [987654321]

Publisher Information

Publisher(s) information is mandatory and must total 100%. For example:

  • Publisher = 100%
  • Multiple Publishers = 100%


WCPM Attributes (Picklist)

It is mandatory for agents distributing to Warner Chappell. See metadata template for further details.
These fields must be filled used the picklist data supplied in the 2nd tab of the metadata template.

  • ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: Track Notes - Optional
  • ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: Category - Required
  • ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: SubCategory - Required
  •  ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: Featured Instrument - Optional
  • ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: Instrumentation - Required
  • ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: Location - Optional
  • ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: Mood - Required
  • ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: Usage - Required
  • ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: Era - Optional
  • ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: Tempo - Required
  • ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: Vocal - Required
  • ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: Vocal Type - Conditional, Must be supplied if ATTRIBUTE: WCSP: Vocal is Y
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