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You can edit your tracks by clicking the edit icon at the end of the track’s row. These are the details which are uploaded in your metadata, and which are visible on your player.


  1. Download individual track
  2. Track Title
  3. Track Display Title - displayed on Search Players and the admin
  4. Track Number - format can be whole numbers or decimals
  5. Duration/Length
  6. Return to Album level edit and/or download album
  7. Version - pick from predefined list or create new
  8. Last Update - non editable data
  9. Status: active or inactive - relevant for Search Players
  10. Cancel changes or Save changes

  11. Keywords - mulitlingual options available for Search Players
  12. Track Description - mulitlingual options available for Search Players
  13. Alternate Title - for API/ Custom build players
  14. Composer/Arranger - free text field
  15. Publisher - free text field
  16. Release Date - mandatory data
  17. Genre/Style - multiple words allowed. Single words recommended for Search Hard Drives
  18. Tempo - can be words or numbers
  19. Instrumentation
  20. BPM - for sound design 0 is accepted
  21. Mixout - fade, end and echo are some examples
  22. Lyrics

  23. Frequency - data is pulled from the original ingestion data
  24. Bit rate - data is pulled from the original ingestion data
  25. File Details - data is pulled from the original ingestion data, wav audio, and upload date
  26. Get Originator Data (not available on originator labels) - receive updated data from the originators account


Editing your track information will not automatically edit this information for any sub-publishers to whom the content has already distributed. They will have to click the ‘Update’ button under the Get Originator Data for this information to update, and they will lose any changes they have made.



You can edit the Categories for each individual track.

  1. Set up Categories via Music > Categories
  2. View assigned categories
  3. Choose category
  4. Select sub-category to assign to track


Related Tracks

You can edit the Related Tracks for each individual track. Currently available to API / Custom Players only.

  1. Select label - choose label within account
  2. Select album - choose album within selected label
  3. Search - load tracks from selections
  4. Select tracks to add as a related track
  5. Add creates the relationship




Clicking next will save your changes and move onto the next track.

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