Email Templates

Email templates is where you can edit the emails sent out to members when certain events occur. For example, when a member submits the form because they have forgotten their password, they are sent the Forgotten Password Email.

Each template will have a default set up to cover all languages and all regions. This can be used for any users that may sit outside of a specified region or language.


Updating the default template

The default templates are used as when no custom templates are available OR when no template exists for a particular Region.


  1. Go to Account Settings > Email Templates

  2. Edit the existing default message by clicking on the edit icon . Please note that the default template cannot be deleted.

  3. Make edits to the subject, bcc, from name and from email

  4. Check the 'Uses Account Email Template' to use the template customised in Global Settings

  5. Edit the body of the email and select from a range of merge fields to personalise the email

  6. Hit save.


Multilingual Email Templates

You can set up multi-lingual email templates. Before you begin, ensure you have set up regions with a language selected. Keep note of which language belongs to which region.

Regions can be set up in the Regions page

  1. Add a new template by clicking on the add icon 

  2. Make edits to the subject, bcc, from name and from email.

  3. Choose a region and set the language to 'all languages'

  4. Create a customised message in the selected language and use merge fields to personalise the email

  5. Hit save


Any registered member with the matching region will receive the emails in the specified language.

Please note that there are new templates in this section that are incomplete and yet to be tested. If you have any questions, please contact


Social Media Templates

  • Management User to Member Share Email Post- Sharing playlists via email option in Engage to a member. 

  • Management User to Management User Share Email Post - Sharing playlists via email option in Engage to another admin user in the account.

  • Facebook/Twitter - will allow you to share track, album and playlist links to Facebook or Twitter.

  • Text - When selecting email as sharing method, this is the default text that will appear in message box. 



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