Update right holder details globally

If you wish to edit the details for a Composer, Arranger or Publisher on all your tracks, you can do so on the Music > Right Holders

To add, simply:

  1. Click add right holder
  2. Enter the details in the popup
  • Type: Composer, Arranger or Publisher
  • Capacity: Author, Composer, Composer/Author, Arranger, Original Publisher or Sub-Publisher
    Note the selection is dependent on the type.
  • Name: First*, Middle and Last* (also dependent on type)
  • Society*

* indicates a required field

  1. Hit save
  2. You will now be able to find the new composer when manually adding/editing a track's Composer share details

To edit, simply:

  1. Search for the composer, arranger or publisher
  2. Click the edit icon  next to their name, make any necessary changes and click Save.


These updates will also be carried through to your sub-publishers accounts so that they will always have the most up to date data for Composers, Arrangers and Publishers.

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