Changing an Album Cover

To change the cover of an album that has already been ingested:

  1. Choose the Music > All Music

  2. Click the Library and then click the  icon next to the album that you wish to edit.

  3. The current album art can be seen under Album Art. Click Browse under the Replace art section.

    NOTE: Recommended album art format is a 1200x1200 72dpi .jpg ~1mb

  4. Select your new album art file and click Open.

  5. Hit Save


  • If you do not see the updated artwork after uploading, it may be due to the browser caching the image. Clear your browsers cache to resolve.

  • If an album has already been distributed, the artwork will be updated automatically on your sub-publisher's accounts.

  •  Album art files are moved to locations closer to your users in order to improve performance and speed. If you use the HarvestMedia API or a search engine, art replacements can take time to update across all these locations. If you are worried about an album artwork not updating, please wait 48 hours and check again.
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